Undergraduate (S1) and Diploma (D3) Study Programs

Undergraduate Program (S1)

Faculty of Education (FIP)

  1. S1 Educational Administration
  2. S1 Guidance and Counseling
  3. S1 Early Childhood Education Teacher Education
  4. S1 Elementary School Teacher Education
  5. S1 Special Education
  6. S1 Outside School Education
  7. S1 Educational Technology

Faculty of Letters (FS)

  1. S1 Indonesian Language and Literature
  2. S1 Indonesian and Regional Literature Language Education
  3. S1 English Language and Literature
  4. S1 English Language Education
  5. S1 Library Science
  6. S1 Arabic Language Education
  7. S1 German Language Education
  8. S1 Mandarin Language Education
  9. S1 Fine Arts Education
  10. S1 Visual Communication Design
  11. S1 Dance and Music Education

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)

  1. S1 Biology
  2. S1 Biology Education
  3. S1 Biotechnology
  4. S1 Physics
  5. S1 Physics Education
  6. S1 Chemistry
  7. S1 Chemical Education
  8. S1 Mathematics
  9. S1 Mathematics Education
  10. S1 Natural Science Education

Faculty of Economics (FE)

  1. S1 Accounting
  2. S1 Accounting Education
  3. S1 Economic Education
  4. S1 Development Economics
  5. S1 Management
  6. S1 Office Administration Education
  7. S1 Business Administration

Faculty of Engineering (FT)

  1. S1 Mechanical Engineering
  2. S1 Mechanical Engineering Education
  3. S1 Industrial Engineering
  4. S1 Automotive Engineering Education
  5. S1 Civil Engineering
  6. S1 Building Engineering Education
  7. S1 Electrical Engineering
  8. S1 Electrical Engineering Education
  9. S1 Informatics Engineering
  10. S1 Informatics Engineering Education
  11. S1 Fashion Design Education
  12. S1 Catering Education

Faculty of Sport Science (FIK)

  1. S1 Physical Education and Health
  2. S1 Sports Coaching Education
  3. S1 Sport Science
  4. S1 Public Health

Faculty of Social Sciences (FIS)

  1. S1 Geography
  2. S1 Geography Education
  3. S1 Historical Science
  4. S1 History Education
  5. S1 Pancasila and Citizenship Education (PPKn)
  6. S1 Social Science Education
  7. S1 Sociology Education

Faculty of Psychology Education (FPPsi)

  1. Psychology

Diploma Program (D3)

Faculty of Letters (FS)

  1. Library
  2. Animation Games

Faculty of Economics (FE)

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Accounting

Faculty of Engineering (FT)

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Automotive Engine
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Civil and Building Engineering
  6. Cullinary art
  7. Fashion
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